Saturday, August 23, 2014

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From Author to Entrepreneur

warningFrom Author to  Entrepreneur!

News Flash!!!  Do you have a book?  Would you like to sell your book?  Well then you have a business and its selling your book.  If you’re selling your book then that makes you a sales person.  Your brand is you and your product is your book!  Do you have a business plan?  Do you know who your target market is?  What about a marketing strategy??? To continue reading please click Read More below.

How to Get Twitter Followers. Ebook Author Success.

How to get Twitter followers
How to get Twitter followers

How to Get Twitter Followers

In this Youtube Video I show you step by step how to find qualified Twitter Followers and Generate Leads.   We will go over how to use Twitter’s advanced search to find qualified potential customers.  We use two philosophies:  1.  Follow to be followed, and 2.  Give to get.  There are two types of marketing one is free and the other is paid, free will cost you your time and paid will cost you your money...Please click Read More below to continue reading.

How to Make a Facebook Page that is Search Engine Optimized for Google. eBook Author Success.

How to Make a Facebook Page
How to Make a Facebook Page

How to Make a Facebook Page that’s SEO for Google.  Youtube Video!

This is for beginners with step by step guide in under 7 minutes.  Please leave comments if you enjoyed this video.  
In this video I show you how to make a Facebook Business / Profile Page that is optimized for Google and other search engines with no steps skipped.  This Facebook page is for one of my websites: click Read More below to continue reading and watch the video.

Two Musts for Your Ebook to Succeed!! eBook Author Success

Two Ebook Musts!

The two most important things to having a successful book might not be what you think.  There are many variables and factors that go into your book including your books layout, marketing it, creating a platform, your website,  good reviews, finding your target market, formatting it so you can upload it online, find online retailers and creating viralaty but the following two things can make or break your book despite everything else you do...Click Read More below to continue reading.