Saturday, August 23, 2014

Two Musts for Your Ebook to Succeed!! eBook Author Success

Two Ebook Musts!

The two most important things to having a successful book might not be what you think.  There are many variables and factors that go into your book including your books layout, marketing it, creating a platform, your website,  good reviews, finding your target market, formatting it so you can upload it online, find online retailers and creating viralaty but the following two things can make or break your book despite everything else you do...Click Read More below to continue reading.
1. Write a Great Book that is edited!
2. Have a Incredible Book Cover!
The two items speak for themselves and while common sense would suggest most people know and do this – they don’t!
There have been case studies and there are plenty of online stories about people who had their book online for over a year and barely sold any copies, then one day they changed their book cover and sales skyrocketed.
As a person you would think that anyone who publishes a book online would have proper grammar and if they didn’t they would hire someone to check it – but a lot of people don’t.  And regardless of how good the book maybe – the authors get negative reviews and people don’t buy their book.  It is that simple.
In addition to grammar check the following:  The actual content of the book, formatting the book correctly so readers have a good reading experience, do not have broken links in your ebook, and setting up the layout of the book appropriately for free samples.
Having a incredible book cover for your ebook includes:  A cover that portrays your books message, a good book cover meaning unless you’re a graphic designer hire one.  A good book cover also entails having a proper thumbnail size that displays correctly on the online book sites and has a great title and subtitle.
While overly simple these two things are essential.

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