Saturday, August 23, 2014

How to Get Twitter Followers. Ebook Author Success.

How to get Twitter followers
How to get Twitter followers

How to Get Twitter Followers

In this Youtube Video I show you step by step how to find qualified Twitter Followers and Generate Leads.   We will go over how to use Twitter’s advanced search to find qualified potential customers.  We use two philosophies:  1.  Follow to be followed, and 2.  Give to get.  There are two types of marketing one is free and the other is paid, free will cost you your time and paid will cost you your money...Please click Read More below to continue reading.
 Here we go over free.  What to do if someone doesn’t follow you back in a few days – use “Friend or Follow” to delete them and start over.

How to get qualified Twitter Followers

In this video I also cover where to put your URL / website link in your tweet and a call to action to generate traffic to your website and sales.   This is one of many ways on how to get Twitter followers.  In another video I will show you other ways how to find Twitter followers that will benefit you and them!
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