Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ebook Author Success

Ebook Author Success

There's an incredible amount that goes into writing a book, but once your book is completed is when the work really starts!  Click Read More below to continue reading.

My website and this blog are dedicated to helping you become a successful author!    

Steps before you publish your book to ensure your Ebook Success

Below is a list of what to do to before you publish your book!

  1. Write a great book!
  2. Edit your book
  3. Re-edit your book!
  4. Promote your book.
  5. Build a website.
  6. Build a blog into your website.
  7. Start a mailing list.
  8. Get social on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Youtube, and more.
  9. Make sure you’re an expert whether you write non-fiction or fiction!
  10. Price your book correctly!
  11. Network, network, and then network more.
  12. Find social chatrooms that you can network in – practice “attraction, not promotion.”
  13. Start writing another book!
  14. Continue promoting your current book!

If you have any questions visit my blog Ebook Author Success

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