Friday, July 4, 2014

Promote Your eBook - 10 Point Checklist

10 Point Overview to Promote Your eBook

You should start promoting and marketing your eBook / book before your book is finished.  Get social, network, start a blog, a website, start collecting email addresses and presenting yourself as a professional in your field...Click Read More below to continue reading.
 As you are writing your book you want to build momentum that will make you feel confident enough to set up "pre-ordering" for your book!  

Where to Promote Your eBook

The good news is there are plenty of ways to promote your eBook.  There's also the 80/20 rule which I have found time and time again that 20% generates 80% - whatever it is.  In your website you will (hopefully) have installed google analytics.  Every week and at least every month check where you traffic sources are coming from.  I am confident that you will see 80% of your visits are coming from 20% of the referring sites.  I am willing to bet that the bulk of your traffic is coming from the top referring site.  Whatever the sites are that are referring the bulk of your website traffic, this is assuming that your website traffic is resulting in conversions in real book sales is where you want to focus your marketing, advertising, networking energy! 

Selling Your eBook

Your book is a product and in my personal experience based on many other “products” that I have marketed online and in a brick and mortar setting to the tune of over one million dollars here are some of the things I have found:
1. 50% of what advertising dollars are wasted – you just never know which half is.
2. What works for one product will not work for another.
3. Dominate Google.
4. Make your product pay for itself!
5. Be social and pay to advertise on social networks if you can, I especially like Facebook (video coming soon).
6. Be Professional.
7. Network.
8. Use a shotgun approach and see what works.
9. Put yourself out there, I mean really, be proactive with giving out your email and phone number.
10. Have a website, obviously you need this in order to do #3 above.
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