Wednesday, July 9, 2014

For Authors and Writers, The Importance of Wordpress

WordPress for Authors

After using Weebly as a Content Management System (CMS) for the last four years I realized if I wanted to have any real impact on the internet and not have to spend tens of thousands of dollars (for the way and amount of websites I like to build) I realized I would have to learn WordPress...Click read more below to continue reading.

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How I learned WordPress

From June 14th to June 15th I began watching How to videos on Youtube.  In one weekend after watching approximately ten hours of Youtube videos and another ten hours following step by step I built out two websites and had a very good foundation.  Since then I bought and read a book on how to implement search engine optimization into your word press site and two others books on how to build a website in WordPress.  I also watched and read countless other articles and videos.  From a practical standpoint I built three other sites and began building fourth one, an online directory:  Top Attorney Directory  I also began upgrading the original sites into much more complex WordPress themes.

Why Writers should Learn WordPress

After watching countless videos and reading dozens of books and reading article after article the importance of having a WordPress website could be the difference of make or break.  In less than two weeks I’ve seen the power of this Content Management System as well as the difference of having a shoddy and a good looking theme (I hope you like this one).  Bottom line is whatever you can think of WordPress can do.  To save you thousands of dollars it would behoove you to learn WordPress, however if you feel you cannot and are on a shoestring budget visit  Approximately 60% of websites are built in WordPress.  Many Fortune 500 companies use this CMS.  The benefits to you – easy to use once you understand, unlimited capabilities, SEO friendly, easy to upgrade, great online forum and communities, you can find someone on to build you a beautiful site on the cheap!!!

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